Covid 19 in the State of Oregon. WE ARE OPEN. In addition to our regular cleaning protocol, we are employing electrostatic fogging technology using natural products

to insure the highest standard of care for our guests. ALSO! During the OFF SEASON ONLY, We are going to accommodate pets on a case to case basis.

There will be an additional charge and a cleaning deposit required, refunded within 48 hours of checkout if there are no damages. This is during the OFF season only.


Our prices have not changed for several years. Our intended Rates change was paused when Covid arrived. At this time we are changing our

Rates to help with rising costs of everything and for a lack of help. Breakfast is now optional. If you choose not to have Breakfast, there is a $60 discount per night.

We have been asking if you want breakfast during the off season. Now that we are into Summer, we will assume you want breakfast and you will be charged

as such. If you are opting out of Breakfast, please let us know prior to your arrival, otherwise we will be preparing it for you.





Rates start at $300 per night for TWO. Add $60 per person, per night for extra people. Max capacity is four.

So THREE people $360, FOUR people $420.

Weekend and Holiday Rates may apply and start at $320 per night.

This Includes Breakfast for your Party!

No charge for Children under two.

Over capacity, meaning five people, MUST be approved. The rate for FIVE, if approved is $530 per night.

(Also, please note, the Shiitake is winterized from October 30th through April)



$300 per night. Sleeps two Adults only, Weekend and Holiday Rates may apply and start at $320. This Includes Breakfast.



Rates start at $410 for TWO people. Weekend and Holiday Rates may apply and start at $430

$490 for THREE,

$590 for FOUR,

$690 for FIVE,

$790 for SIX, per night.

No charge for children under two.

This Includes Breakfast!

Over capacity, meaning 7 or 8 people, must be approved.

The rate, if approved is $890 for SEVEN people

$990 for EIGHT people, per night.

Be advised, Tree Houses have Limitations and Prior Approval for extra people is "Required".

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* * *

NO PETS *(During the Off Season Only, we are going to allow pets on a case to case basis.)

Two Night Minimum from May 15th to October 1st

For One Night stays during the Two Night Minimum timeframe there will be a Cleaning Fee of $80 ($120 for Excalifir) and weekends are $100 and $140 in all instances.

Treehouses cannot be 'reserved' for one night during the two night minimum timeframe. We keep the treehouse available for two night reservations as long as possible. You can request the one night stay, and check back to see if it is still available, then you can place deposit, there will be a one night cleaning fee applied, during the two night minimum timeframe.



There is NO two Night Minimum in the Winter and from November 1st through March 1st, the longer you stay the less per night you pay!

ALSO, We run our Nesting Packages November through February!


NOTE: The Shiitake is Winterized November through April, weather permitting, we will open Shiitake before May.


Be advised, Tree Houses have Limitations and Prior Approval for extra people is "Required".

PETS Allowed on a case to case basis. Cleaning fee and additional charges apply. OFF SEASON ONLY

we reserve the right to substitute treehouses for any reason. prices are subject to change without notice. we reserve the right to deny service for any reason.


To learn more about our Winter Nesting Packages please click here!

"Winter Packages"

Deposit and Cancellation Policy Information

Deposits must be received at the time agreed with verbal confirmation (or email confirmation) or your Treehouse(s) will become available. We are not always able to make contact with you, so if you have mailed a deposit, please let us know so we don't double book. There is a Two Night Minimum in the Summer. Deposit of half the total amount (or full amount for one night stays) is required. Again, be sure to stay in contact with us if there is a delay in making your deposit.
*Minimum Cancellation Fee is $160 ($220 for ExcaliFIR). If Cancellation is given less than 14 days prior to your date of arrival during the Summer and we are 'unable' to re-book the treehouse, your Deposit will 'not' be refunded, if we are able to re-book, then the minimum cancellation fee is charged and the remaining deposit will be refunded. Reserving two nights when your intention is to only stay one night doesn't give us an opportunity to rent the treehouse for the other night. We are a small operation, and cannot absorb the cost. If you are accustomed to corporate lodging policies and last minute cancellations that incur no fee, please plan accordingly. For cancellations 15 to 30 days prior to your reservation the minimum $160 cancellation fee ($220 for Excalifir) will not be refunded. Sorry but there are no exceptions.


For one night stays the full amount is required as a deposit. Two or more nights, 1/2 of your total is required as a deposit. $120 Cancellation Fee ($200 for ExcaliFIR). If cancellation is given less than 7 days prior to arrival, and we are unable to re-book the tree house, 1/2 of your deposit will not be refunded. If it’s during a weekend or a Holiday the Summer policy is in effect and your deposit will 'not' be refunded.


Our Tree Houses are built in live trees, in the forest. Sadly there are occasionally forest fires in our forests. In the event of a forest fire near us in which we are under any type of evacuation notice or orders, we will attempt to notify you. Sometime smoke from fires a great distance away blows in and obviously when fires are near-by we have smoke intermittent and sometimes most of the day. Usually in even the worst of circumstances, smoke wise, the smoke blows in and out and almost always the afternoons are clear with blue sky, beautiful sunsets and starry nights. We are not able to control the smoke from forest fires and there are no refunds due to smoke under any circumstances. If you have a medical condition that is effected by poor air quality, our winter cancellation policy applies. If you choose not to arrive or to leave, you will be charged the full amount of your stay, or as per our cancellation policy. There will be no refunds.

*Inclement Weather Exception*

Winter and early spring rentals are subject to Inclement Weather conditions, which are defined as 12 or more hours of sub-freezing weather during each 24 hour day. Our tree houses meet our standards for winter rental and will be available however, to be able to offer accommodations during the winter, we must comply with Josephine County's criteria and notify you of this issue in order to maintain our conditional use permit. *More importantly, in the event that 'Weather' prevents you from reaching us, there is no charge to reschedule your stay. If you choose 'not' to reschedule your stay, our minimum cancellation policy stands at $120 ($200 for ExcaliFIR).

Please call if you have any questions about how this may affect your Reservation. 541-592-4751

We Reserve the Right to substitute Tree Houses for any reason. We reserve the right to Refuse Service.