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July 2, 3, 4, 2016: This place is so amazing! The Calypso is so cozy and adorable. We keep the windows open at night to listen to the trees then we wake up and eat Phil out of house and home. We did go to Cave Juntion to do some hiking and splunking. Then we found a spot on the Illinois River. It was gorgeous! I normally don't like to do the same vacation twice, but I really feel I will have to come back. Thanks for having us Phil & Jodie. Hanna & Wade from Iowa

9/7 & 8/2016: Absolutely loved our stay. Everything so comfy and cozy and breakfast was amazing- best on our trip so far- So glad we found you. Diane & Jeff Fort Collins, CO.

Oct 28-31 2016: First time to visit the treehouse!! Loved it from the time we pulled in to see 3 Doe's in the yard. What a beautiful, peaceful place! Every waking moment was delightful. Thank you Phil & Michael for the wonderful breakfast, great coffee & fresh fruit, homemade pancakes and local meats. Especially appreciate the clean bathroom showers! Thirsty towels & nice soap & good H2o pressure!! We enjoyed the local attractions, caves, big cats, drive to the coast, local eateries very enjoyable too!! See you next time. Sherry & Tammy Dean/Jackson Albany, Oregon


June 12 - 14th 2015 ; Probably the coolest B&B we have stayed at! Our friends will be so jealous. Next time we will have to go tree climbing for sure. I couldn't have asked for a cooler place to spend our two year anniversary! Sharena & Michael DelBrouco Denver, CO.

9/10/2015: My wife and I arrived yesterday on our 4th wedding anniversary. I must admit the drive from Cave Junction seemed like something out of the chainsaw massacre. But once we made it here, we realized it was completely worth the drive!! The awesome setting, fun little animals, spectacular treehouse and great hospitality only scratches the surface of how cool this place is. Unfortunately we were only able to stay one night but will definately be returning. Thanks for the awesome memory. Jared & Dana Johnson Fargo, ND

October 19 2015: Nothing but love and peace to you two and everyone who makes this place what it is. This place is AMAZING. Thank you for the delicous breakfast. I've been a chef for 5 years cooking for 10 years. you DO NOT want to miss this chance of a lifeime organic local food with a beautiful presentation. Paz Y Amor Mr. Mrs. Lange


February 19, 20, 21, 2014 - Thank you so much for this beautiful dream turned into a reality! I couldn't have asked for a better Valentines Day adventure! Everything here is so wonderful and it is clear that everyone here puts heart and soul into making this place heaven on earth. Absolutely Magical!! We loved breakfast, not only because it was fabulous and beautifully presented, but also because we felt as if we were part of your wonderful family! Thank You! p.s. the bonfire was awesome! Here's the bottle of wine you didn't get to enjoy on Friday:) Hope to see you all again soon! - Lesley and Erick

5/23/14 - This is our 2nd visit to Vertical Horizons. Always a thrill to stay in a treehouse. We love the tree that comes through the room in this one! Thank You! Christine, Olivia, and Audrey Eberle - Eugene, OR.

8/10/2014 - I Loved the treehouse it was awesome! The beds were super comfy and the chocolate you left us was delicous! -- Thank you! This was awesome. We really enjoyed our stay here. The treehouse was fun, breakfast was amazing, and the wildlife walking by every night was so cool! - The Crockett's - Rock Springs, Wyoming.


April 1st 2013 / We always dreamed about staying in a treehouse never imagined it being this amazing. We loved every minute of it. So peaceful, beautiful, and down right perfect. Thanks for everything, cant wait to be back. This experience was just what we needed. Thanks for reminding us about the real values that matter in this life. We are blessed to have shared time with you. -Hannah and Riley

April 2013 - I never knew a tree house could be so elegant! This place is cozy and comfortable but totally unique and extraordinary. We needed a total disconnect and we had it here. Nature sleeping in a tree! Michelle

June 19th 2013 / We really enjoyed our stay in the treehouse. Everything is great! From the wonderful breakfast, beautiful setting, beautiful treehouse and everything is so clean and neat! Phil and Jodie - you are great hosts! - Sincerely Nathan, Lan, Aaron, Reece Houstin, Texas

July 24-26 2013 - Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay. The Shiitake treehouse was the most amazing place we have ever stayed at! We loved the beautiful settings, the landscaping and natural surroundings are awesome. The breakfast was phenomenal. Cosmo and Panzer were super sweet, and picking blackberries was great. This is such a great change from the usual vacation hustle and bustle. Thank you for the moments of peace on our vacation. Also thank you for your care of the trees:) - The Cherot Family Denver

October 2013 / Thank you for a unique experience in the trees. The treehouse is clean, homey, and comfortable. I especially was impressed with the attention to making us feel like we were at home- Coffee, teas,real plates and saucers, etc. Blankets were warm, fresh, and snuggling was so cozy! Breakfast- ohh we ate too much!! Nice touches in the bath house too. We will have great things to say about our experience at Vertical Horizons to our friends.
Jim and Sheri Miller Lebanon, OR.


MAY 1st 2012 Our 2nd Anniversary! - This was our first stay in a treehouse and was more amazing than I imagined before arriving. We had fun playing scrabble, and the breakfast was so delicious. Its just really quiet here. Cosmo is great at human relations! We really enjoyed seeing him around. This was a unique and wonderful stay that we wont forget. - Thanks, Heather and Josh

June 22nd, 2012 - You have a magical place here. It has been more than a pleasure . It has been an honor to be able to experience the wonders of the woods the treehouse and the surrounding beauty of your paradise. Best wishes love and peace forever. - The Kaplan Party

August 2012 - We Walked up to our heaven in the trees on a warm summer evening. We felt at home immediately by our sweet host and hostess! We bonded as a family here and felt our childhood camp memories come back! Everything was clean and homey! Cosmo kept us safe and escorted us to our treehouse every time we came back. The breakfast was AMAZING!! I felt like we were dinning at the 4 seasons! We will cherish these 2 days in Oregon forever and hope to come back soon! - The Friedman family

July 27, 2012 / Loved, loved, loved it! Breakfast was the best, slept like babies, enjoyed the views. Can't wait to come back. - Love the Thompsons Ann Arbor, MI

August 2012 - I just walked in and it was amazing. The beds are so cool. I just can't get over the fact that this is a tree house not a hotel room, It's just amazing. I love the rope swing, my Mom loves the hammock and my Dad likes the blackberry bushes near where you park. Thank You! - Sharp Family

September 30th,2012 - Phil and Jodie, We couldn't of picked a better place to spend out first night as husband and wife. thank you for creating such a beautiful place. Breakfast was AMAZING!! Thanks again. - The Ficeys


July 2011 - To the amazing crew at Vertical Horizons: We loved staying with you in the cozy Shiitake tree house this fall for our honeymoon. Not only was the treehouse a beautiful destination in itself, they were the perfect place to stay while exploring the area around them. Breakfast was off the hook every morning and was the perfect fuel for our adventures. Thank you for making our honeymoon truly a trip to remember. We look forward to staying with you in the future. Peace, love, harmony- Tara and Charlie - PS It didn't take long for our wedding photographers to realize we are a couple of tree huggers. Thought you might enjoy this photo.

June 2011 - I don't want to go... I don't want to goooo- Here we are regretfully spending our last morning on the deck of the Cottage! If only we could roll back time and start over! Thanks so much to all... Phil, Jodie, Roxie, Wendy, Adrian, Cosmo, Sadie and all others. We are renewed and ready to tackle the trip home. Hard to believe your breakfasts,,, we (mom too) ate, ate, and ate. Already trying to plan another visit up. Vertical Horizons will always have a spot in our hearts and minds. - The Franklin Family - Debbie, Patty, Tiny (mom) Until we meet again- God Bless.

September 2011 - Such a wonderful trip! Delicious breakfast, fun, outdoor games, tree climbing, friendly dogs, and most of all sunshine! The treehouse was beautiful and was so much fun. Being able to watch a mom deer with her baby was a perfect view from our deck. Thank you so much for making this unique experience unforgettable. The Petersons Jeff, Joel, Marcie, Stacie

2011 - Jodie and Phil We've traveled the world in our lives and stayed in some beautiful, and some interesting places. Your place here is truly WORLD CLASS. We've never been anywhere that offered us your manifold splendors and we hope to come again and again. Thank you for your Spectacular hospitality. Everything was beyond compare! Mark and Lynn

March 2011 - As if staying in a treehouse wasn't magical enough, our short stay here reached far beyond our expectations. Every little detail was appreciated. The only thing that we're bummed about is that we can't stay longer and explore more. But there will definitely be a next time and looking forward to many more times beyond that. Your sweet tree paradise will go highly recommend in our book. Thanks for everything and happy spring! - Kelly, Ryan and Iily - PS Ryan proposed to me last night and I can't think of a more perfect place for this sweet occasion!

June 13 and 14 2011 / Peaceful, serene, rejuvenating, welcoming. Our stay was all this and more. The scent of the trees and the warmth of the family (including the animals) make this a one of a kind experience that we will always remember and cherish as part of our honeymoon. Next time we're out this way from Iowa we'll be sure to come back. Thank you so much for the amazing food and wonderful hospitality. :) Daniel and Melissa

June 27 and 28 2011 - What an experience! Every family should do this. Family Time! My family couldn't have been happier. Such quiet- the tree houses were so clean and beautiful. We will tell everyone we can do a lot of advertising. Food was great. Tree climbing awesome! Thanks so much. Tony and Lywela Vale OK. - Worth every penny!!


June 2010 - Had a wonderful time. What a tale we will tell about our stalward tree friend in the middle of our room! We loved it and all the outside critters. Thank you so much for all the careful environmental approach to having such a fun, unique place to stay. - Savanahm GA. and Dallas, TX - Tess, Jan, Alba, Katy

July 1st - 5th - A great place for our family gathering. Night time tree climbing was a big hit with the kids. Breakfast was Fantastic! Thanks, Gary, Haley, Sydney, Blake

July 15th 2010 / Thanks for a great experience. We've traveled the world, but first time in a tree house for us- hopefully not the last. - Agesen Fam. Rochester, NY

7/20/10 - Phil and Jodie - You have thought of everything with your tree "oasis". All the fine details from the works of art, info. guide (with menus) games, activities and everything else around your home. We can tell you have put much thought into everything. Our stay here has put a permanent print in our minds and we will not forget it. Best of luck in the future.. Dave and Carol + 2 Omaha, Nebraska - P.S. Disc Golf course was killer!

8/7/2010 - Phil and Jody - We truly enjoyed our stay in your little piece of paradise! We have spent the last 2 weeks "road tripping" up the CA/OR coast. We have done many activities along the way but this was one of the very best! The boys all said they wish we would have stayed here much longer (one of them even said they wish we would have stayed here the whole trip!) This was such a relaxing retreat for all of us! Everything was so much fun too. The horseshoe games, Disc golf, swinging, exploring, and staring at the amazing stars at night! (Don't miss that!) and the delicious breakfast. Thanks again for an awesome treehouse experience! - The West Family Jay, Kristi, Grant, Hayden, Hobie from Liberty, Missouri - Thanks to Cosmo too for being our protector through the night.

9/27/2010 - Thank you for a great experience. This was a surprise from my beautiful wife for my 40th Birthday. This trip will be a cherished memory for the rest of my life. Thank you Christy and Thank you Phil and Jody. - Dusty G. K. Falls.


May 23 2009 / We've been on our honeymoon a week and this is the coolest place we've stayed. The pictures don't do it justice. Everything was wonderful!! Thanks for an awesome ending to our honeymoon!! Tyson and Nicole - Idaho

6/28/2009 -- Phil and Jodie, my sons first camping trip could only take place at your treesort. Thank you for all the special touches you add to make this place so magical. Love Lori and Jamison - Pleasant Hills CA

6/22/09 - Dear Jody and Phil, thank you for letting us stay at your tree house of paradise I think your tree houses are really nice! I think the shiitakes really awesome! I am so surprised that how high the house is! Also the beds are really comfy! I love how the house is set up, I like the ladder to the beds! I like that the windows are so clear, I didn't even know they were there! Sincerely, Ben Riggs age 10 your tree house lover.

June 2009 BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! - It started off with a wonderful breakfast and then at night I loved going climbing with Jodie. Shes right, bubbles are 77 cents of pure joy! I love it here. Thank so much! Dayna (13 now!) and the Carlson family. - PS we loved Cosmo, Sadie, the cats and the horses.

July 12th - 16th 2009 - Wicked! - Brilliant! - Epic! - we try to find one of a kind adventures to create awesome memories for and with our grand children- we had our 7 year old Riley here at Vertical Horizons Paradise- He was in heaven every minute! Last years trip to Kauai even came in 2nd to Phil and Jodies place! Perfect! - Superb! - Outstanding! - Thank You! - Pam, Clar, Riley- California! Sadie and Cosmo are the best!

7/30/09 - Great Experience even for us old gals! - Sistus Charlot and Jill. - P.S. we love the brown dog!

Sunday August 16th 2009 - Oh what an adventure, first the tires, then no way to get food :) oh well such is our life!! This place is beautiful I'm unable to express how excited I am to say I spent the night in a tree house! What a wonderful experience this has been! Tara will forever be cemented in our minds walkin around the corner of your humble abode (bottle of wine in hand) coming to save the day! Thank you! :) Phil, your fire was delightfully warm and Jodie I've never had so much fun climbing a tree (hehe) Thank you for all your amazing hospitality. Your catastrophic friends for life - Lseta and Robin

Girls Weekend # 4 (Sing to the 'Beverly Hillbillies') - Let me tell you all a story about Jackie, shes our gal, - For 15 long years, she's been our confidante and pal. - So, to celebrate her 40th whatever do we buy? - How 'bout a crazy girls weekend, in a treehouse, in the sky? - Resort, that is, cabin, adventure! - well, the first thing you know we met the dogs and such until, - Austin and Jodie came around, but where the heck was Phil? - We got a tour and found our house, Shiitake was the best! - But how to get our stuff from the car up to our nest? - Long hike that is, steep path, heavy bags! - Adventure was our goal and adventures what we got! We zipped and climbed, boated and 'caved', shopped and ate a lot! - Enjoy your time, this place is great, we wish that we could stay, - fond memories will have to last 'till we come back and play! - Next year that is,... - Family vacation! - Jackie, Julie, Staci CA.


Phil and Jodie 6-19-08 - I thought when my husband told me what we were doing that this was gong to be a working vacation. I couldn't have been more wrong! It took awhile to settle in, but it happened. Now I would love to stay longer. I love the walking sticks we made. My boys can keep them forever and remember staying in the 'Treehouse'. Thanks, K.C, Garrett, Grant, Gabriel, Valisha.

July 2008 - Thanks for the VIP treatment- Richard and; I enjoyed the treehouse, adventures, and your company. We can't wait for our girls to get a little older so we can bring them! Peace and Love Richard and Kimberly, Texas

August 2008 / Thanks so much for a wonderful Girl Scout troop 4068. They planned a trip to the treehouses and worked hard selling girl scout cookies, running programs for younger girls to earn their money for this trip. We visited the Newport aquarium, Oregon caves, did the zip line, and climbed trees. Today we are off for a rafting trip on the Deschutes. Tomorrow a tour through the safari & on home. We/they had a wonderful time here. Thanks for your wonderful food and guidance in rope climbing up to the tree top and blowing bubbles perched up in the trees. It was a great confidence builder and adding another notch to their life experience. They had fun reminiscing over a bon fire and banana boats. Stacy, Aggie, Amy, Zelda, Amber, Kaari

8-9-08 / What a wonderful location. We came with no expectations and were so delighted. The treehouse was beautiful- so well crafted and the entire area was so well maintained. Our 6 year old, Parker, now would like a tree house like this in our yard. Now the expectations are set. Thank you for sharing your piece of the world with us. It is an experience we will not forget. Dan, Emily and Parker

Phil, Jodie and Austin, Food fantastic, Treehouse tremendous, Climbing way cool, especially at night with glow sticks and tree chairs! We had a great vacation! Thank you for the memories! Alan, Lisa, Gavin, Dalton and Liam

August 2008 - As our vacation is coming to an end, this is for sure one of the most awesome experiences we'll be talking about and remembering all the good moments I've spent in the 'Shiitake' and everything else you have going on for everyone to do. It is great to come to a place and everyone just doing things they like and enjoying the most. Our Son couldn't be happier picking up the fishing pole and spending hours out on the ponds. We all looked forward to your delicious and huge breakfasts, perfect for my kids (big kids) and us of course. We truly enjoyed the company of all of you including Cosmo and Sadie for hanging out with us. My daughter loved petting and playing with them. Phil, thanks for all the fishing tips you gave the boys. Jodie, Natalie and I enjoyed and learned things about rope climbing 'we had no idea about', "Good Luck" and all the best with your climbing. "OK!" you guys have a great place, thank you for making our stay so pleasant and welcoming. We hope to someday return and find its peacefulness, tranquility, friendliness and freedom. The Castillos Family CA.


1/13/2007 - Megan and I actually enjoyed our adventure. We are quite probably the first (and probably last) to have the pipes freeze. Our host, Phil, was quite resourceful though, and we managed just fine… We enjoyed 2 great meals as a result and got to just stay cozy here. We enjoyed our adventure and laughed alot. Thank you so much for the warm hospitality and the gourmet meals. We definitely were lucky, in our opinion. Helen and Megan Duvernay

Phil and Jody, Cave exploring, Hell gate river tours, bike riding, fishing, hiking, Frisbee golf! and more all of these activities in such close proximity… and then to come back to such a beautiful setting at the end of each day, to a camp fire, s'mores, sunsets. This vacation truly lived up to our expectations and we all leave with lifetime memories!! Thank you for your hospitality, Mike, Julie, Jackson Jeffery and Joseph PS Breakfast was awesome!!

July 7th -10th - Dear Phil and Jodie, Thank you so much for keeping our stay here a great one! The treehouse was awesome and the whole atmosphere is very 'enjoyable' Breakfast was great, s'mores were great, basically everything was "Great" we'll definitely recommend this tree house paradise to everyone considering how jealous everyone else is about the idea! This is one of the coolest vacations I've ever been on! Thanks again for making our stay unbelievable! The Voege Family-


6/6/06 to 6/10/06 - These tree houses are magical! Phil and Jodie you have created something that is "very special" here among and in the trees. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and at home - in your home. The breakfasts were outstanding, the flowers and plants are beautiful on these well kept grounds. We are looking forward to returning to the relaxing and peaceful tree houses. Thanks again for your hospitality- Richard and Mitzi Maxwell -West Palm Beach, FL Like a steak in a fine restaurant: Rare, and well done! Phil, touch your trees! Richard.. -

June 9th, / Phil and Jodie, The Shiitake has been the experience of a lifetime for me, especially. Since I was a young girl reading Swiss Family Robinson, I have dreamed of living in a real tree house. I am 55 years old now and the closest I've come to an experience like this week has been my many visits to the 'Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse' in Walt Disney world. I've always loved it and have pretended that I lived there, even if only for 30 minutes. Really, Phil and Jodie, I'm in love with this tree house and the whole experience on your beautiful and expansive acreage. As if the tree house wasn't enough, your friendliness and wonderful hospitality have been beyond description. Breakfast has been delicious and exciting every day and the daily walks to Takilma Road very enjoyable. I can't wait to come back and will be dreaming of my tree house until then. Thank you! Love Marcy and Jerry Mandello, WPB, FL.

6/18/06 - Phil and Jodie, Breakfast was phenomenal! Our view was beautiful… Loved the seclusion (and the bathroom) Loft beds are comfortable and it was fun having a tree trunk right though the middle of everything- Thanks for building such an unusual "bed and breakfast" We had a great time! Good luck with "Rucifer" Sadie and the new hound. Must be fun to have so many animals. Steve, Tracy, Jared and Mike Fore Livermore, CA.

July 6th, 7th 2006 / Wow this place is amazing. It is so cool how you got a house up here and everything is so well done. Breakfast was very yummy, I was getting tired of cereal everyday for the past months, it was great. I can't believe you built it yourself! Everything was awesome. Thank You Alex Brennan Vancouver, B.C. Canada

7/12/06 - Phil and Jody Incredible!! This trip has been in the works for almost a year and the constant was, the tree house stop. I'm now the best Grandma in the world. My Grandson said this was the best place ever. You have thought of everything to make our stay so memorable. This is defiantly a repeat. Thank you, Thank you Rena Jones

7/13/06 - Phil and Jodie, People like you, with the vision and endurance to do something like this, make life more fun and exciting for people like me. What a great place! You have something very special here and I'll never forget my night in the treehouse. On a more practical note, So clean and your attention to detail, welcome note, flowers, decoration, personality, all adds so much to the experience. I'll be recommending you to lots of people. Bev Gonnant St. Lewis

7/9/06 - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your hospitality!! We felt right at home here and have never slept better or ate better! You two have the best hideaway in the U.S. Keep up the excellent work and hope to get back soon! Thanks again for everything!! The Hanson Family - Madelyn, Wes Ian, Derek, Kim

July 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2006 / Dear Jodie and Phil…. It was a blessing being 'bumped' here to your tree house. It has been such an amazing adventure for our family. It really forced us to slow down and enjoy all of the wonderful surroundings: nature, the deer, etc. The kids loved the rope swing and being able to just run and play. They also loved having they're own space in the loft! We have been pleasantly surprised be all that came with staying here with you… The fireworks were amazing! The food was fabulous! And your hospitality wonderful! It was a great end to sit around the fire last night and visit about our adventures here in the trees… Thank you so much! The girls can't wait to come back next year! We will love to share your little paradise with all of our family & friends! Sincerely, Kaye, Megan, Myah, and Nate. -Albany, OR

July 2006 / Phil, Jodie and Austin, Thank you so much for this one-of-a-kind stay! It was exactly what our family needed after a very busy school year. We loved the Cottage Tree house, your gourmet breakfasts, the horses, dogs, cats, Rucifer, disk golf, the surrounding activities… and especially your warmth and hospitality. Thank you. You have truly created an oasis for those of us fortunate enough to have found you. Take care and maybe we'll see you again. -We'd love to come back! Randy, Fay, Karly, Brittany and Jenna Goss -Edmonton Alberta, Canada

9/1/06 - The tree house was much more than we thought it would be. We really enjoyed Phil's Gourmet breakfast. It was also a thrill to have deer right outside our door. Thanks for the memories. The McPherson Family - Jim, Shannon, Zach, Gentry, Sean and Luke

August 2nd '06 / Phil and Jody, I really enjoyed fishing, the breakfasts were great, -Lana We, loved living in a treehouse for a few days! Jamie read about 'Heidi in the Alps' as she lay by the window in the loft, listening to the wind in the trees. The details in the tree house are superb. I love the number of windows and the fancy ones. The deer with her two fauns were a nice added touch too! You have a wonderful place and we're glad you are willing to share it. Thanks, Maya, Todd, Lana and Jamie Ferris Vancouver, WA

Thanksgiving 2006 / Our little family had a wonderful time in your tree house. Cozy and warm, beautiful weather -we couldn't have asked for more. Maybe next time we will have better luck with no ear infections -although finding an urgent care did add to our adventure and didn't slow us down much. The redwoods, Ashland street lighting, wild cats, -so much to do! Thank you for everything- Isak, Lilli, Bill and Elizabeth Skorohodov -


July, 29th '05 / Had a wonderful time, the experience was indeed memorable. Enjoyed the peace and tranquility, and lazing about all day. Your hospitality and personal touches made the whole weekend wonderful. Will recommend to anybody to try. From the 'Canadians' Dawn Barnes, Terry Nichols, Carol Thompson, Richard Elder - "EH"

August 24, 2005 / Phil and Jodie, Our first tree house experience was fantastic. You and Jodie showed our children your love of nature and animals. Your house represents the Hilton of tree-houses. Your breakfast and facilities are absolutely fabulous!! Your hospitality and flexibility made our trip here wonderful and adventuresome for our children. Thank you for our first and best experience in this area! Your restaurant, adventure "things to do and see" recommendations were right on track! Thank you! Thank You! The Plotner Family

August 2005 / Phil- This was absolutely splendid. Your casual professionalism was just what we need at the end of a long, eventful (but wonderful) vacation. The food, the stories, the enthusiasm were all happy exclamation marks to one of our best holidays ever. With out doubt, too, your tree house will be the highlight of the trip. We happened on you by accident, but will return soon on purpose. The Gunters- Edmonston, Alberta, -Canada

September 22, 2005 / (Joy) Were here to celebrate my husbands 60th birthday, we both needed this kind of peaceful, serene R and R. Beautiful treehouse, great hospitality! Haven't had breakfast yet but judging by everyone's comments we are so looking forward to it. Thank you for a wonderful get-away! (Tom) A really great time in a beautiful area. Your treehouses are a plan being carried out to perfection. Thanks for making it so special. Oh Yeah, the breakfast left me speechless. Incredible. Sincerely, Joy and Tom -Irvine, CA.

September 2005 / Our long wait to get here is over, and now, so is our three day stay. The wait was worth it. We have enjoyed the whole experience. Time went by too quickly. Nick and Rachel enjoyed all the animals and seeing the deer pass through everyday. We probably should have done a few things in the area, but no one wanted to leave. Thanks for everything- The Arnett"s- Kent, WA.


Wow, the third guests! What a privilege! We loved it! Everything was wonderful the treehouse was simply adorable, very romantic; like a "doll house" We love the high quality craftsmanship and your attention to detail is superb! Great location, excellent food and very nice family. You will be very successful in your new business with the other treehouses. Loved the breakfasts!! We thank you for your hospitality. We are looking forward to watching your progress; we will highly recommend this place to our friends in Los Angeles; our kids loved the dogs, the fishing pond, the French toast and your warm and friendly attitude. Thank you for making our vacation a memorable one. The Lyons Family -

I have always wanted a doll house or a treehouse; a 'cozy place' of my own. Now that I've had it, I don't want to leave! I would like to bring up a 'trunk of books, stock the fridge with yogurt, and stay for a month soaking up the quietness. Since we live on a busy street in Portland, you can't imagine how pleasant the absence of traffic noise is; just hearing the rustle of wind in the trees, birds chirping and deer brushing through the undergrowth. In the background there is a piano playing coming from the house- a wonderful backdrop- I think this is very generous that you have this hideaway and yet are willing to share it with strangers- and welcome them to your patio, and kitchen table. It's remarkable that you all are so willing to share yourselves with us. Blessings, The Chandlers

Our treehouses as kids were nothing like yours! This place is beautiful, peaceful; cozy; amazingly crafted, and so much fun. What a wonderful way to spend our belated 7th anniversary! Thanks to your warm hospitality, great company and deliciously prepared breakfast, we don't want to leave!! Looking forward to your new creations among the trees, Phil we plan on staying in each one. Thanks again Phil, Tara, and Jodie for a well needed getaway!
The Youngs -

We have stayed four wonderful days here with the quiet early mornings so crisp, and the clear nights with limitless stars aglow have made our trip truly remarkable with the best breakfasts we've ever had, but mostly w/ your hospitality. The small things like maps and signs welcoming us are so special and heartfelt (are you sure you're not from the south) I will cherish our discussions on the local culture. What a great family vacation. The Cherry Family -

Phil and Jodie, Are you sure you're not from the south? This "Tree-sort' oozes with true southern hospitality, from the 5***** breakfast down to the warm welcome of the flowers and signs. Thank you for the quiet respite and pause in our crazy schedules. It was wonderful to visit with you at breakfast and hear about your dreams and schemes for the future - May you prosper and do well in every endeavor. Blessings to you both! We'll definitely spread the word about Vertical Horizons!! Randy, Tina, Tyler, Anna and Kara Gilbert -Turner, OR -